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TimeLineApp helps you to read latest stories with timeline.
You can Time travel a news story,Share a article,Special Keywords per Story,Navigate to your favourite sections,Get Recent Top news happening in time.
Technology used:- HTML5,CSS3,Webkit,AngularJS,Node.js,PHP,JSON API,Native iOs and android client and Bootstrap.


Get Print-ready badge and Businesscards.
It provide WYSIWYG editor to generate your own cards.User have a ability to add more and when ready,just print it.
Technology used:- HTML5,CSS3,Jquery,SVG,Node.js,JSON API.


Realtime data analytics app and provide details oriented view per state.
Election 2014 results was delivered to customers ontime and more graphical ways.
App provide a features of Hot seats leading/lagging and overview on paliament builded.
Technology used:- HTML5,SVG,Jquery,,modernizr.

Election App

Racetimerlive's intention is to bring to you a fresh and easy new way to keep you up to date on the latest scoring! We hope that this experience will be plesant and that you will make us the first place to go to watch your favorite races.
This interface uses the latest in web technologies to feed you actual real time scoring.
Technology used:- HTML5,,meteor,node.js,PHP .

Racetime Node

Create graffiti style art that can personalize themselves with picture uploads of backgrounds and/or photos of themselves to give it their own personal touch.

Graffiti Creater

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