iPad development, iPhone development

We have teams of experienced professional developers & willing to work with challenging requirements, Our area includes:

    Javascript,Jquery,PhoneGap,DHTML,HTML5,CSS3,Webkit,Modernizr,Graceful Regression,MangoDB,CouchDB,Socket.io,WebSockets,LocalStorage,Express

SnowFlax creates innovative web products that deliver highly interactive applications with attractive UI & rich set of cool features..We ensure on-time, on-budget and quality centered software development services.

Speciallize in :-
 :- HTML5 and Javascript based client apps

 :- UI and UX development Android , iOS

RIA development

Abviously Rich must be Rich and we know better how to develop cuttting edge Rich UI Applications.Our approach use open source technologies majorly Node,Jqurey and new HTML5 APIs.

Speciallize in :-
 :- Webkit based custom app development

 :- Largescale apps

Mobile technology

We are creating iPhone, iPad and Android-compatible products that are quick to market and advance concept using latest development technologies..... We provide unique solution on native Android and iOS operating system.

Speciallize in :-
 :- Phonegap

 :- iOs Mobile

 :- Android Mobile


We helping our costumers using information technology to meet their business objectives.

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Drop your requirement..We always need challenging requirement and have a passion to do that..

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